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New Content - Distances

Champion Freight is proud to announce the launch of even more website content. This week we publish 'Distances' documenting how far it is between domestic and international cities.

How Far?

Published: 12 June 2015

Pop quiz! How far is it between Auckland and Hong Kong (as the crow flies)? Is it....

  1. 4,128 km.
  2. 9,128 km.
  3. 14,128 km.

Scroll down for the answer.

If you answered 'b' (9,128 km), then you're correct. By sea (sailing the most direct shipping route), the distance would be 9,610 km.

Discover a comprehensive array of popular New Zealand shipping ports and the distance (by air and sea) to destinations across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. See distances.

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New Content - Distances
How Far?
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