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(03) 961 Contact Numbers

If you're using our old contact numbers (beginning with (03) 961) to phone the Champion Freight head office in Christchurch, you may experience some difficulty. Full details and solution below.

Disconnected Contact Numbers

Published: 17 April 2015

Champion Freight wishes to advise all customers our phone numbers beginning with (03) 961 are no longer active. These numbers were previously used to contact our head office in Christchurch and have not been advertised for over three years. Callers to any of the (03) 961 series will now hear a 'not found' dial tone.

Our contact us webpage lists our current phone details in addition to alternative contact methods.

If you have been using any of our superseded (03) 961 series of contact numbers, please update your records to indicate the following alternatives.

Main (Head Office):
Deactivated Number: (03) 9611 860
Current Number: (03) 378 0560

Deactivated Number: (03) 9611 863
Current Number: (03) 378 0563

Murray Gain:
Deactivated Number: (03) 9611 985
Current Number: (03) 378 0564

Andrew Allen:
Deactivated Number: (03) 9611 859
Current Number: (03) 378 0567

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(03) 961 Contact Numbers
Disconnected Numbers
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