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Introduction To Incoterms

We’re expanding our Knowledge Base with informative new content to help website guests better understand the world of logistics. This week we launch Incoterms Explained containing the 'what', 'who' and 'why' of Incoterms.

New Website Content

Published: 28 November 2014
By Champion Freight

If you’re new to commercial trade it won't be long before you hear the word - Incoterms. For others you might know a bit about them, but want to know more. Incoterms Explained is an introductory guide to Incoterms, defining what they are, who uses them and why. There's even a brief video direct from the International Chamber of Commerce (the creators of Incoterms) which explains in simple language everything you need to know.

Just For You

As we've mentioned in previous articles, Champion Freight continues to update its website with fresh and useful content designed to help you discover the A to Z of freight. We acknowledge the world of international logistics isn't easy to navigate alone, that's why we've launched our Knowledge Base to help. Containing a range of informative support articles such as 8 things to know before shipping a vehicle overseas, frequently asked questions, sea freight 101, and more, stay tuned in for even more content over the coming months.

Incoterms Reference Guide & Glossary

In the next two weeks we will launch an exciting new webpage detailing the Incoterms glossary and quick reference guide for you to view, download and print. Watch this space.
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Introduction To Incoterms
New Website Content
Just For You
Incoterms Reference Guide
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