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Arhopalus Ferus Flight Season Opens

The 2014/2015 Arhopalus ferus flight season OPENS for ALL New Zealand ports as of midnight tonight, Tuesday 4th November.

Arhopalus Treatment Requirements

Published: 4 November 2014
By Champion Freight

Champion Freight wishes to advise all customers that on the evening of Monday 3rd November, Arhopalus ferus (Burnt Pine Longhorn Beetle - BPL) numbers exceeded the threshold at Marsden Port.

From midnight tonight, Tuesday 4th November, the 2014/2015 Arhopalus ferus flight season OPENS, necessitating the fumigation of ALL timber, timber mouldings and break-bulk products (including LVL) shipped to Australia in accordance with the Department of Agriculture requirements.

Consignments already loaded onto vessels or sealed into containers before the commencement of the flight season are exempt from Arhopalus treatment requirements. In such cases, the accompanying Phytosanitary Certificate must state, 'Containerised timber was packed and sealed prior to the commencement of the BPL season.'

Please note that all cut offs for vessels bound for Australia will be a day earlier than previously indicated to allow for fumigation.

For additional Arhopalus ferus flight season information please see the MPI website.

Please contact Champion Freight if you have any further enquires.

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