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Champion Freight wishes to advise all customers of the following service notifications. Please contact us should you have any questions or require further assistance.

Notice To Customers

Published: 11 November 2013

Please note the following two important updates.

Closed Show Day - 15th November

The Champion Freight office will be closed Friday 15th November for Canterbury Anniversary/Show Day. Booking cut offs that were scheduled for the 15th will be amended to Thursday 14th November 2013 and updated confirmations sent. Please ensure all documentation for filing CEDOs and SLIís have been sent no later than Thursday for processing.

Mare Phoenicium FC345R

In order to recover schedule the Mare Phoenicium FC345R will omit Lyttelton Port. The revised schedules is as follows: Bookings ex Lyttelton will be rolled to Mare Britannicum FC346R.
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