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Australian Fumigation
Fumigation Season

Arhopalus Ferus Flight Season

Please note the following important announcement detailing commencement of the Australian fumigation season for 2013/14 and subsequent regulatory requirements.

Commencement Of Australian Fumigation Season

Published: 24 October 2013

Champion Freight wishes to advise all customers that on the evening of Wednesday 23rd October, Arhopalus ferus (Burnt Pine Longicorn Beetle/BPL) exceeded the threshold with 18 insects observed at Marsden Point.

The 2013/2014 Arhopalus ferus flight season OPENS for ALL New Zealand ports as of 7:00pm tonight, 24th October 2013.

Consignments for export to Australia that have been containerised and sealed prior to 7:00pm tonight are exempt from fumigation and the following declaration must be shown on the Phytosanitary Certificate.

'Containerised timber was packed and sealed prior to the commencement of the BPL season'

AsureQuality must be notified of the date and time these containers were sealed for their records.

For all consignments containerised and sealed after the 7:00pm cut off tonight are subject to the Arhopalus ferus flight season requirements and will require fumigation treatment before departure, in order to ensure access to Australia.

Please note that all cut offs for vessels bound for Australia will be a day earlier than previously indicated to allow for fumigation. Bookings will be amended accordingly and updated confirmations sent this afternoon.

For more information please visit here.

Please contact Champion Freight if you have any further queries.

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